Not to just kill time, but to destroy it.


Wedding Gifts 2 of 3

Then there was Travis.


Sadly I also forgot a whole lot of pictures! I'll tell you why, so you don't hate on me. I was doing these as secret projects. And pictures are evidence, I could have slipped! Been caught showing pictures off to other people. And the photos I took, was from me cracking under the pressure of not taking pictures of previous steps! So I will describe it to the best of my abilities!

Out of my side of the wedding party, Travis, is the only one who does not play a table top miniatures game. And he also does not have, or need, a display case. And if I were to paint him something I was to take those two factors into consideration.

Tackling the fact he does not play, meant I could do a pure display piece. Which is rare for me! In fact, my FIRST display piece (when it comes to minis, I did a statue for my wife on our first Valentines Day as a couple). Knowing he loved Lord Of The Rings, gave me the subject matter, but to be the focus? Why not his favourite LOTR character? Théoden, King of Rohan. And to make it interesting, some riders of Rohan at his side. But, without a display case, this delicate piece of art will get dusty. And I didn't want to burden him with the task of cleaning it. So I went to the local craft store, and got a little display case meant for a baseball. A nice little covered box. After that, I just had to paint it!

First I prepped the display case. I put the lid in a safe place, and taped off the outside of the base. I then used a flat head screwdriver to pry off the ring meant to hold a ball. With a flat surface left, I sanded it with rough grit sand paper to give it texture.

With a flat workable area, I glued sand to it for texture. After the sand was down, I primed it. Painting it dark brown, then lighter in patches, I dry brushed it. The dry brushing gave the sand more visible texture and depth. I then selectively chose spots for patches for grass, then added some flowers to the grassy parts. I like to find excuses to add the wildflowers I bought. Then the base was essentially done, and it was time for the hard stuff!

The riders and Théoden, were a challenge for me. I have steered away from the fantasy genre, and have yet to paint natural figures. HORSES! That a beast in fine fur. It was good that I pushed myself, because now I know I can do it. The riders I did as the box art depicted them. Chain-mail, leather boots, leather helmets, and green wooden shields with white insignias.

Théoden, was an ordeal of his own. I had to make him as perfect as possible. He had reddish armour with gold trim, and a red cloth underneath. I don't paint skin often, or even hair for that matter. Then I had to paint blonde hair! Also, his face shit the bed several times. So there is 50 berjillion layers of paint. I HATE that face not. It was a lot of work for me.

2013-08-04 21.54.54

When I had them all done, I realized I was unable to glue them all down. So in the final image you can see strategically places rocks beneath their feet. I was really worried about Théoden, because he is pewter! And when he received his gift, he recognized who it was! Victory!

2013-09-14 01.21.32

"Arise, Riders of Theoden! Spears shall be shaken, shields shall be splintered! A sword day... a red day... ere the sun rises! "

In a couple days I will have the EPIC that is my best mans gift.

I appreciate your patience, thanks for reading!

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Wedding Gifts 1 of 3

For Mike, my groomsmen, I wanted to do something for his Imperial Guard army.

We have a story that involves Imperial Guard and Necron, which will be now mentioned as 'Imps' and 'Crons', on a barren nuclear winter type planet. So I wanted to do a vehicle, and make it 'cool'. Thats a pun kiddies. So here is what I did!

First I built most of it. Making sure the pieces that would have details enclosed, were not glued. Then I did the priming, and put sticky tack in spots around the hull. These would be the centers of the camo pattern I would do. My next step was to spray paint it light grey. Adding more tack around the remaining tack, I then painted it Fenris Grey, thats a light blue kinda grey colour from the Citadel paint range.

2013-08-11 16.02.30

After the camo basecoats


My next step was to paint the inside. I assembled the walls and floor. Gave it all a Boltgun drybrush, to make it look all... metally. Then, since I know it would be closed, and only the side and back doors would be open, used bright colours to paint the interior detail. Makes it noticeable in the dim interior.

2013-08-18 14.05.32

Bright little things!


2013-08-18 15.25.09

 Test fitting!


Then I did the same to the cockpit. Bright consoles to show through the glass. I added a frost effect by dry brushing the interior of the glass. And like a IDIOT! I took no progress shots of that. So here is the completed cockpit, from the back.

2013-09-05 22.22.47

Chilly lookin'


After that I wanted the thing to be done. So I hammered at it and and finished it. All glued together and dry brushed!

2013-09-07 17.36.15


Then it all came to the base. I actually broke the one it came with! I was trying a recessed ice look, but snapped the base in half! Derp. So my Riptide had to donate its base for the greater good! And again, like a DOOFUS, I have no progress shots up to the water effects. I made the layered rock out of cork, and added sand for texture. And just for a laugh, threw a Necron Warrior into the ice. Which infact, Mike gave me. He had some bits and gave them to me, so I could practice painting Crons. Good move Past Mike. And before I laid down the water effects, I painted it teal, with dry brushed layers of lighter blues. For a deep ice effect.

2013-09-08 02.34.20


Water Effects goes on thick, and dries SEXY!


Then I played the waiting game. After 3 days, it wasn't dry. I worried I applied it too thick and it made a shell that would keep it wet FOREVER. Turns out I was dumb and it worked out. When it was dry I dry brushed it white. Which proved difficult, because it was not a hard surface, but a gel like substance. I had to resort to stabbing my brush on it to take paint. Then i picked out interesting spots and put white glue down, then flocked it with snow. Then grass tufts for... grass tufts. All works for the final product!

2013-09-11 23.45.42

No napping on the job!... wait. He dead.


And to round out me being a scruffy nerf herder, no final shot. I will as the guys for picture of the gifts in their homes. That'll look nice.


Thanks for reading! I look forward to showing you more projects. Next is Travis' LOTR Gift!


Its far from over!

Back. I am actually back. Its been a while so I will try to cover the big stuff I want to talk about. And give this damn blog some focus.

Big thing I can think of: I have started a podcast, its awesome and you should listen; got rid of the van, have a lil' red truck; I am way more into board games, and they are way cool; also got married.


Q: Woah, you can hardly blog, why are you podcasting?

A: It's not just me on the podcast. We are called Press Start To Join, and I am doing it with my best friends! Alan, is the researched/bullshitted tech and all round smart guy. Mike, is the hands on builder and crafter, he made an ODST suit and is just getting started. And I'm funny third thing! But seriously, I do edit and upload the podcast, which I should probably do. We talk about games, sci-fi, cartoons, basically whatever we want to talk about. We also have guests on the show! One so far, but we have our second on our next episode. So far only on iTunes, but I will have direct downloads and special episodes on our web page. >> iTunes Link  >> Website Link


Q: Van is gone, and you are a truck man now?

A: Yup. A 97 Dodge Dakota.


Q: Aren't board games boring?

A: I only play the cool ones. So not anything Milton Bradley. Sitting around a table with pieces on the table is a more visceral experience, and can't be matched by any video game. Also, I have a respectable game library building up. Highlights include: Ticket To Ride; Dominion; King Of Tokyo; Get Bit; Star Fluxx; Smallworld; and Pandemic.


Q: Wait.... what? Married

A: Yes.


Q: No seriously. To a person?

A: Yes. Lovely Dana. She's the best <3 !


For the wedding I made my groomsmen some cool gifts. I will cover these over the next few days. And for an idea of what to expect, I made Mike, an Imperial Valkyrie. Travis, a LOTR display piece. And my best man a large Grey Knight display piece.


I missed you internet.


ADDITION: Did I mention I got 2 kitties? Dovahkiin and MeMow. That is all.

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