Not to just kill time, but to destroy it.


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Whoa crap. Jeeze. Louise.

It's end of the month. So its time for bills and rent. That usually sucks. And I am hoping to find a new job. Van is falling apart. Have to show my friend a good time on his bachelor party. ANNNND, I think I am sick. It's just a lot of crap.

On top of that. Have not gotten a lot of painting done. I usually unwind while I paint. Have to make some time for it, see if it helps.

Also trying to get through the last season of Breaking Bad. Dodging spoilers wherever they come at me. When its not that, I have been playing LoZ: Skyward Sword. It's so damn good. Played a bunch on the weekend.

Also on the weekend, I played some Halo. Reach, specifically. It was super fun! I like driving the warthog and having my friends use the gun for me. Still see hardcores. But I am there for the lulz.

I feel like my job is holding me back right now. Order picking like a monkey. Do what I'm told. It's just motions I do all day. If my mind didn't wander, it would shoot it itself. Usually look like a madman. Beat boxing, singing, incoherent babbling to myself. Working in a freezer, you always hear the fan. Wrrrrrhhhhwrrrrhhhhhwrrrrhhh. All day. My friend looked it up, and white noise like that can cause auditory hallucinations. Was happy to hear that. I was legitimatly concerned that I was going insane.

Posting here helps. Let's keep doing it.

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And to an Old Republic…


At the midnight launch of The Old Republic, I won the original trilogy on BluRay! That was awesome! Midnight came, and I wanted a game guide.
Sold out. Boo to EB Games.
On the waaaaay up side. I got the amazing guys from #BioWare to sign my movie! They were just as excited as me to release the game as I am to play it! And I told them I am playing it on Mac, although it is PC only. And one of.the guys said 'Cool,  most of is here are Mac guys'. I was afraid I would be jumped by PC hardcores.
I am tried today, but regret nothing! See you on ToR.

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Rawr! Slash! Pow!

I want to start a new character on Skyrim. A warrior of some sort. I already know his name and race.

Argonian. Muldoon. I was watching Dana play and she ran into an awesome argonian. She looked just like a raptor. And I wanna make one.

I hated the new argonians before then. They all looked like goofy iguana people who just bitched that Skyrim isn't the Black Marsh. Oh god its Black Marsh this and I lived in a swamp country that.

Raptor warrior. Fuck yeah.

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