Not to just kill time, but to destroy it.


Its far from over!

Back. I am actually back. Its been a while so I will try to cover the big stuff I want to talk about. And give this damn blog some focus.

Big thing I can think of: I have started a podcast, its awesome and you should listen; got rid of the van, have a lil' red truck; I am way more into board games, and they are way cool; also got married.


Q: Woah, you can hardly blog, why are you podcasting?

A: It's not just me on the podcast. We are called Press Start To Join, and I am doing it with my best friends! Alan, is the researched/bullshitted tech and all round smart guy. Mike, is the hands on builder and crafter, he made an ODST suit and is just getting started. And I'm funny third thing! But seriously, I do edit and upload the podcast, which I should probably do. We talk about games, sci-fi, cartoons, basically whatever we want to talk about. We also have guests on the show! One so far, but we have our second on our next episode. So far only on iTunes, but I will have direct downloads and special episodes on our web page. >> iTunes Link  >> Website Link


Q: Van is gone, and you are a truck man now?

A: Yup. A 97 Dodge Dakota.


Q: Aren't board games boring?

A: I only play the cool ones. So not anything Milton Bradley. Sitting around a table with pieces on the table is a more visceral experience, and can't be matched by any video game. Also, I have a respectable game library building up. Highlights include: Ticket To Ride; Dominion; King Of Tokyo; Get Bit; Star Fluxx; Smallworld; and Pandemic.


Q: Wait.... what? Married

A: Yes.


Q: No seriously. To a person?

A: Yes. Lovely Dana. She's the best <3 !


For the wedding I made my groomsmen some cool gifts. I will cover these over the next few days. And for an idea of what to expect, I made Mike, an Imperial Valkyrie. Travis, a LOTR display piece. And my best man a large Grey Knight display piece.


I missed you internet.


ADDITION: Did I mention I got 2 kitties? Dovahkiin and MeMow. That is all.

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Brief update

Work is getting a lot busier.

Winter is ending, and it shows. Ice cream is leaving as fast as it does in the summer. And we just got more products. And we will get more stores to sell to.

I was putting effort into making a sticker for a radio station contest. What I have done so far doesn't feel like a winner. And it makes me less inclined to do it.

But, I am going to start working on my animation stuff now. So inspired!

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I did an adult thing

I made a budget. I am shocked.

Not really a full breakdown budget, but the most I have ever done.
I added up all my bills and found out they take up one ENTIRE paycheque of mine. So if I am smart, I can even it out over living, transport, food, and Christmas. God dammit, so little money for gifts.
I thought I had it figured out before, but to see the numbers help. Dont know what to write anymore. Thanks for your time I guess.
Sayonara. Off to minecraft.
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