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Train ride

Almost to my bus today. Forgot something I needed to hand in. Going back made me Mia my bus and had to walk to the train.

It is not all bad, because I finally got the Ricky Gervais podcasts on my iPod.

Mt day at school will be work on my capstone, probably more. I have business accounting work. And to start my portfolio.

Just had a moment relative to the Simpson’s. When Bart lost his soul and had no breath and couldn’t work automatic doors. The LRT doors wouldn’t open when I touched them. On and off the train, the people on the other side had to. And the automatic door closed on me and wouldn’t open. Strangeness.

I do have one thing getting better. My Facebook Connect experiment is going better. I have more people on the app, and their comments come up on Facebook. It is tough for me to see, because I haven’t seen the ‘like’ button on my site yet. When I get 10 testers, I can publish the app. Now if my capstone client is interested likes it, I can do it now.

Damn I really want a coffee.

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  1. Have fun working with facebook developing. If you have any questions feel free to send them my way, I have been working with fbconnect stuff for the last couple of years, very fun.

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