Not to just kill time, but to destroy it.


I had a few dreams…

Don’t know if anyone can be an expert on dreams, but mine have been off lately.

So odd in fact, they have been waking me up. Maybe its because I have not been getting deep sleep and picking up my surroundings.
First one to talk about was saturday night. Spent the day at my parent with Dana, didn’t do much at all that day. I had a dream I had a dark brown kitten with orange, almost red, stripes. He didn’t meow just look like he was smiling and purred. When Dana and I got him home he wa super excited, jumping everywhere going crazy, like kittens do. And while turned away meowed, but it ended funny. With a ‘b’ sound. Like ‘Meow-bub’, so I picked him up and turned him around. His tongue was 2 inches out his mouth, and looked like a party streamer with a tear in it. I believe I aid something like ‘what the hell kitty’. Then he meow-bubed again and his tongue fell to the ground. And was thin, paperey, torn and about 12 inches long. Looking back up at the cat in horror, he fell through my hands like his hair molted off. Is that normal?

Sorry about the other dream. Can’t remember any details other than I was in a mall with a seal that wore bar sunglasses and we all called him Otter. He liked to give high fives and feed people cheese. Maybe its alright if I forget this one.

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  1. Otter? Best dream seal name ever!

    • The worst part is, I remember wanting to say, “Otter, you know you are a seal. Who are you trying to fool?” and now that i type that I imagine that seal wearing a gold chain and a white sweatshirt, and chest hair. :<

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