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What a Grand month

It is November.

Just three days in this bad boy so far. Got a lot to do, a lot to prove, and a lot to change.

This year, my parents have informed me it is my 'grand birthday'. For I will be 23 on the 23rd. That had little impact, until Oct 31st.

I had an epiphany. I will be 23, and I still don't feel like an adult. It hit hard. Real hard. Shook me. Broke me. If I couldn't be an at 23, then what the hell am I doing? Made me think of someone I knew, or thought I knew. And That I was no better than that individual, whom I despise, for the stupid shit I do. Little things, things that pile up. Like grains of sand in an hour glass, dropping ever so few at a time, building at the bottom. I have quite the heap. And I just got to champ up. Just got to shut the fuck up and do it.

I have to clean my half of the office. It has been a mess since I have moved in, and have barely touched it. I cant work. Writing this is difficult. When I clean the clutter, I feel I will be more productive. I have a ton of projects I just need to sit and work on. I am trying a program called 'Vitamin R'. It helps you parse out work, into manageable chunks, and help eliminate distractions. After 14 days, I can buy it.

Its tough with November being the month of game releases. Batman just came out, but this month is HUUUUUGE! On the 8th, Modern Warfare 3 is out. I may go to the midnight release, but I need sleep. Working in labor is tough. And on 11th, everyone should know... Skyrim. And then few days later, on the 15th, Saints Row 3 and Halo Anniversary. I am more excited for Halo at the moment, but Saints will be awesome! And last but not least, on the 18th, Minecraft gets the Adventure update. So many games, so little time.

As an adult, I need to stop being a lazy ass and cook some times. Whenever Dana leaves, she stresses about what i am feeding myself. Being lazy, usually oatmeal or popcorn. I can be too lazy to get McDonald's even! And I know if I cook for her and myself, she will be proud of me. Id like that.

One of my projects is three little things things. Three frames with wooden animals, chalkboard background with chalk scenery, and gold trim. It will be deliciously hipster and neat. I also have an idea for a graphic novel. But knowing I jump the gun, I decided to not look for an illustrator until I have  the storyboard done. That would be cool if I could do that. Also this. I want to post more regularly, daily. Just something small. I have a lot on my mind, and I feel if I write anything, it will help.

And my birthday is coming up. Guess I have to write a list. I should do that now while I am focused. Also remembered an idea for a Facebook event. =_= I have got to stop doing this.

New Necrons coming out...

Josh, stop it! ...kay.

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