Not to just kill time, but to destroy it.


Journal Entry 3


I reached out and touched their hand, it was ice cold. Before I could think another thought, they clawed at my hand. "Whoa buddy, whats wrong?" I did not get the response I wanted. What I received was more of a "Guawhahahaa". I made it back up the hill, to my safe hole in the mountain. The person stepped into the torch light.

He looked grim. Green rotting skin, tattered clothes, vile smell. Arms straight at me, stumbling forwards. Frightened, I grabbed the nearest thing to me. A stick. I smashed the attacker in the face. Knocking him back. Seemingly unfazed, he attacks again. One hard strike cracks my sick. The deranged man falls out of my home, struggling to get back up. I search for something else to fight him off. My sword. I grip it with both hands, look back at the door. He was already inside.

"Stop now! Or I will Kill you!". He didn't care, still advanced on me. I raised my sword over my head and swung down. Not surprised, that was it. He fell back, my sword still in his head. Not much to do with a dead body more to drag it out. Glad to have the stink out of my house. I just want to calm down and relax, sleep.

Laying in my bed wondering if this is my new life. Will anyone find me? What the hell time was it? Whatever, I was exhausted. And it was only a day.


Journal entries posted Thursdays!

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