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All work and no play…

I had a rough time at work last week.

The Operations Manager was gone I did all of his warehouse duties. So lets say, 60% of his job. And my own. So damn I was tired and stressed. Because we dont have a large staff, i had all my regular duties. But everyone at work was supported and we got through it.

So I hit the weekend hard. Alan, and Dana, swapped houses, for guy time and girl time. Respectively. And I painted, drank, gamed, drank, ate, drank, painted sloppily, gamed, and then crashed. 5 hours of sleep till I had coffee, painted, gamed, went to motorcycle show with Mike and Alan, hung out (Mikes place to warm up), painted (my place), ate, painted, people went/got home, showered, crashed. My kinda weekend. Though I wish I gamed more. And thats where the no play comes in.

I miss The Old Republic. But I havent been in PC mode to play it, I have been working for new clients. I will have a meeting with them and play after, well, I hope I can play after.

They way things look now, Warhammer, primarily 40k, is my main hobby. Gaming is great, but I play less each week. Which is very conflicting. Cause I love what I am doing with 40k, but I really miss gaming with my friends.

Mainly my problem is that it feels my crappy ice cream job is eating up all my time and energy. Looking for an out with web. I got to keep at it. And a whole buncha stuff and junk.

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