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Wedding Gifts 2 of 3

Then there was Travis.


Sadly I also forgot a whole lot of pictures! I'll tell you why, so you don't hate on me. I was doing these as secret projects. And pictures are evidence, I could have slipped! Been caught showing pictures off to other people. And the photos I took, was from me cracking under the pressure of not taking pictures of previous steps! So I will describe it to the best of my abilities!

Out of my side of the wedding party, Travis, is the only one who does not play a table top miniatures game. And he also does not have, or need, a display case. And if I were to paint him something I was to take those two factors into consideration.

Tackling the fact he does not play, meant I could do a pure display piece. Which is rare for me! In fact, my FIRST display piece (when it comes to minis, I did a statue for my wife on our first Valentines Day as a couple). Knowing he loved Lord Of The Rings, gave me the subject matter, but to be the focus? Why not his favourite LOTR character? Théoden, King of Rohan. And to make it interesting, some riders of Rohan at his side. But, without a display case, this delicate piece of art will get dusty. And I didn't want to burden him with the task of cleaning it. So I went to the local craft store, and got a little display case meant for a baseball. A nice little covered box. After that, I just had to paint it!

First I prepped the display case. I put the lid in a safe place, and taped off the outside of the base. I then used a flat head screwdriver to pry off the ring meant to hold a ball. With a flat surface left, I sanded it with rough grit sand paper to give it texture.

With a flat workable area, I glued sand to it for texture. After the sand was down, I primed it. Painting it dark brown, then lighter in patches, I dry brushed it. The dry brushing gave the sand more visible texture and depth. I then selectively chose spots for patches for grass, then added some flowers to the grassy parts. I like to find excuses to add the wildflowers I bought. Then the base was essentially done, and it was time for the hard stuff!

The riders and Théoden, were a challenge for me. I have steered away from the fantasy genre, and have yet to paint natural figures. HORSES! That a beast in fine fur. It was good that I pushed myself, because now I know I can do it. The riders I did as the box art depicted them. Chain-mail, leather boots, leather helmets, and green wooden shields with white insignias.

Théoden, was an ordeal of his own. I had to make him as perfect as possible. He had reddish armour with gold trim, and a red cloth underneath. I don't paint skin often, or even hair for that matter. Then I had to paint blonde hair! Also, his face shit the bed several times. So there is 50 berjillion layers of paint. I HATE that face not. It was a lot of work for me.

2013-08-04 21.54.54

When I had them all done, I realized I was unable to glue them all down. So in the final image you can see strategically places rocks beneath their feet. I was really worried about Théoden, because he is pewter! And when he received his gift, he recognized who it was! Victory!

2013-09-14 01.21.32

"Arise, Riders of Theoden! Spears shall be shaken, shields shall be splintered! A sword day... a red day... ere the sun rises! "

In a couple days I will have the EPIC that is my best mans gift.

I appreciate your patience, thanks for reading!

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