Not to just kill time, but to destroy it.


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Whoa crap. Jeeze. Louise.

It's end of the month. So its time for bills and rent. That usually sucks. And I am hoping to find a new job. Van is falling apart. Have to show my friend a good time on his bachelor party. ANNNND, I think I am sick. It's just a lot of crap.

On top of that. Have not gotten a lot of painting done. I usually unwind while I paint. Have to make some time for it, see if it helps.

Also trying to get through the last season of Breaking Bad. Dodging spoilers wherever they come at me. When its not that, I have been playing LoZ: Skyward Sword. It's so damn good. Played a bunch on the weekend.

Also on the weekend, I played some Halo. Reach, specifically. It was super fun! I like driving the warthog and having my friends use the gun for me. Still see hardcores. But I am there for the lulz.

I feel like my job is holding me back right now. Order picking like a monkey. Do what I'm told. It's just motions I do all day. If my mind didn't wander, it would shoot it itself. Usually look like a madman. Beat boxing, singing, incoherent babbling to myself. Working in a freezer, you always hear the fan. Wrrrrrhhhhwrrrrhhhhhwrrrrhhh. All day. My friend looked it up, and white noise like that can cause auditory hallucinations. Was happy to hear that. I was legitimatly concerned that I was going insane.

Posting here helps. Let's keep doing it.

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Trygon Commission

For my friend, Tyler, I am painting his trygon as a birthday present.

It's exciting, since it is my first time I am painting a tyranid. And maybe not my last.

I have made progress on it, but have been stumped on the scything talons look right.

I have painted it bone colour, and drybrushed it white. I think I will wash it with Delvan Mud and drybrush it bone. Then do the point and the hard edges white.

Attached photo is taken earlier than the talon attempt. And has a smaller figure he pent me for paint.reference.


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Firestorm Armada

My fleet is almost complete.

Got paint on all my ships. Have to do engine glow on almost all ships. And detail red and white lines on my frigates.

After that, I am thinking carrier. Then some destroyer class vessels.

Attached is my Battleship (left) and Dreadnaught (right). I paint/play Dindrenzi.