Aggie Clarke Photography

I made a Wordpress site for a local photographer. I was to emulate the style of a older flash site. It was fun to work on as I enjoy wordpress.

Underdog Minecraft SMP

I made a quick site for the host of a Minecraft Survival Multi-Player (SMP) server. He has changed my design since my release of it.


3D Artist Portfolio

A friend of mine was in need of a portfolio website. I designed this to showcase his work, easily with self creating thumbnails with PHP.

Aggie Clarke Photography

This is a brochure design for my same photography client. I have also continued to work on posters for her company following this branding.


Pathfinder Devilfish

This is a contest winning piece I have done. This is my quality standard and looking to start commission work.

Grid CSS Example

Originally as a class assignment. This page is a perfect example of using Grid Css.


My name is Joshua and I don't afraid of anything.
I live in Edmonton, Alberta. I make web sites. I create designs. I will do whatever. When working on a project, I get my mind set to what I am doing. That makes me enthusiastic towards the project, client, and makes my job the best. I hear that I am really friendly, that may be why people like when I work with them. I also like to get to know people who are friendly like me. I do my web coding from scratch when I make a website. When designing, sketching is where I start. Doing whatever, I make it work. I find it tough to write about myself, so we should just chat some. I can talk pretty well. Thanks for reading this far by the way,